Rental Mainan Anak dan Perlengkapan Bayi Solo dan Sekitarnya

Kami hadir di Kota Solo untuk menyewakan mainan berkualitas dan edukatif untuk buah hati anda serta perlengkapan bayi dengan biaya sewa terjangkau. Dengan bermain, anak-anak dapat belajar banyak hal, berlatih keterampilan, mengembangkan imajinasi dan kecerdasan. Mainan yang kami sewakan dapat memberikan stimulasi yang tepat dalam setiap tahap perkembangan buah hati anda. Kami akan selalu menambah koleksi mainan terbaik untuk buah hati anda.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

All aboard! This versatile train is also a teaching tool. Introduce baby to numbers, letters, colors, songs, stories, and more through two learning modes-walker mode and discovery mode.

Grow N Up 5in1 Activity Clubhouse

The 5-in-1 Activity Clubhouse offers 360-degree activity inside and out! It offers basketball, football, t-ball, soccer and golf with a 3-1/2-foot slide with wide, textured grip steps. It has seating benches both outside and inside the clubhouse. The basketball backboard and football goal post have adjustable height settings.

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

A place full of wonderful sights and sounds the Rainforest Jumperoo brings it all down to size for little explorers. Still tons of safe jumping fun (which will activate rainforest music and lights), but now there are toys all around the rainforest-and overhead-with a spinning seat that helps baby explore them all.

Little Tikes Cozy Truck

A kids truck with the durability of Little Tikes and the fun of our Cozy Coupe. This truck-styled riding toy is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers. The foot-to-floor format is easy to start, stop and steer. Use it indoors or out.

PZ056 - Rumah Perosotan Luxury Dream House



Harga Sewa:
Rp 375.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp 225.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)

Set playhouse ini hadir dengan meja dan dua kursi yang dapat digunakan untuk aktifitas anak-anak. Semakin seru dengan adanya perosotan landai berkarakter gajah, si kecil dapat bermain perosotan untuk kebugaran fisik, melatih motorik, keseimbangan dan menyalurkan energi-nya yang selalu aktif.

Rekomendasi usia 18 bulan - 5 tahun

Bb maks 15 kg

RO053 - Tayo Bus Roof Car



Harga Sewa:
Rp 200.000  180.000 (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp 120.000  110.000 (untuk sewa 2 minggu)

Mobil-mobilan berbentuk Tayo Bus yang terbuat dari bahan berkualitas didesain seru dan ceria yang sedang digemari oleh anak-anak. Mainan mobil-mobilan ini dapat didorong dengan kaki anak sendiri atau didorong oleh orang lain. 

Untuk anak usia 2-5 tahun, bb maks 23 kg.

  • Dilengkapi klakson berbunyi
  • Kedua pintu dapat dibuka tutup

ME066 - Hot Wheels Monster Truck Scorpion Raceway



Harga Sewa:
Rp 160.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp 100.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks delivers an over-the-top boosted set for Hot Wheels cars and Hot Wheels Monster Trucks with a striking new nemesis-- a giant scorpion! 

Team your Monster Trucks with Hot Wheels 1:64 scale vehicles to defeat the deadly scorpion nemesis in this thrilling large track set with an awesome banked turn and booster for multiple vehicle play. 

It won't be easy to avoid being snapped up in the scorpion's claws or his massive stinger, but teamwork can overcome challenges never met before! 

Set includes one Monster Truck with giant wheels and one Hot Wheels car.


ME065 - ELC Happyland Farm



Harga Sewa:
Rp 100.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp   60.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)

Features and Benefits for ELC Happyland Farm

  • Suitable for children from 2 years
  • Farm buildings and accessories including characters and animals
  • 5 fun sounds
  • Ideal for imaginative play
  • Moving the characters develops fine motor skills

ME064 - ELC Happyland Funfair



Harga Sewa:
Rp 125.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp   75.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)

The Happyland Funfair set is a great introduction to pretend play for your young child. Your toddler can enjoy moving the people around the fairground and putting them on the fun rides.

As they grow, your young child can enjoy making the figures talk, drive and interact. Little hands will grow in strength and develop precision as they make the rides move, and move the vehicles and people around the Happyland Funfair.

As your toddler grows, pretend play helps your child begin understand the world around them, and encourages them to learn new words and express their experiences.

PZ055 - Perosotan Ayunan Little Bus Bus Hijau



Harga Sewa:
Rp 400.000 350.000 (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp 240.000 210.000 (untuk sewa 2 minggu)

Mainan perosotan ayunan berbentuk karakter mini bus lucu


Bus dilengkapi bangku, setir mobil, dan 2 pintu yang dapat dibuka tutup. Anak tangga lebar dilengkapi pegangan pada tangga dan pinggiran pada kedua sisi perosotan. Terdapat landasan pada ujungnya untuk memberi rasa lebih aman bagi anak-anak kecil saat meluncur.

Terbuat dari bahan plastik yang aman yaitu LLDPE safe and non-toxic, ber- SNI.



  • Perosotan berbentuk mini bus dengan bangku dan setir
  • 2 daun pintu dapat dibuka tutup
  • Perosotan dilengkapi papan landasan dan pengaman pinggiran
  • Anak tangga lebar
  • Bb perosotan maks 25 kg
  • Ayunan dengan front bar pengaman di kursi
  • Modif kursi ayunan, minus 1 spion

ME063 - Thomas Trackmaster Cave Collapse



Harga Sewa:
Rp 125.000  (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp   75.000  (untuk sewa 2 minggu)

  • Includes motorized Thomas train, Darcy the digger powered by Thomas, hand-cranked mineshaft feature, boulders, and a full track layout
  • Thomas lands on and rides upon Darcy the digger
  • Darcy has a rotating attachment that is powered by motorized Thomas and knocks boulders off the track
  • Mineshaft hand-crank can be used to bring Thomas to the top of the mine, and to send boulders cascading down


PZ053 - Pikler Triangle Mini Pelangi dan Slider



Harga Sewa:
Rp 180.000 160.000 (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp 110.000 100.000 (untuk sewa 2 minggu)

Pikler triangle dari bahan kayu kokoh dengan warna pelangi yang menarik. Mudah dilipat untuk penyimpanan

Ukuran lebar tangga 60 cm, sisi kanan kiri segitiga 80 cm, tinggi saat dibuka 73 cm.
Ukuran papan slide 45 x 110 cm.

Papan slider bolak balik, 1 sisi untuk climbing, 1 sisi untuk sliding

Usia 1-5 tahun
Bb maks 35 kg

SB029 - Chicco Balloon Bouncer



Harga Sewa:
Rp 140.000  (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp 85.000    (untuk sewa 2 minggu)

With the balloon bouncer, your baby will be comfortable, relaxed and will feel safe as if he was in your arms! The electronic toy bar will keep your little one entertained at all times of the day. 

  • Electronic bouncer with interactive toy bar.
  • Headrest adjustable to 3 position.
  • Can be used in fixed or rocking mode.
  • Removable toy pnael with voice recorder to use on your child's cot bed
  • Super compact and light to store the bouncer and travel with you.

PZ031 - Little Tikes School Bus Activity Gym


Harga Sewa:
Rp 150.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp   90.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)

Age Range: 1.5-3 years

When your toddler is ready to learn colors, shapes, numbers and letters, hop on the School Bus Activity Gym!


The School Bus Activity Gym is small enough for the littlest climbers, but big in fun! Little students will learn to have lots of fun


  • The School Bus Activity Gym is perfect for indoor or outdoor play
  • The pretend tires really spin to display numbers, shapes, colors and letters
  • Dashboard features clickers and buttons for imaginative play
  • Spinning steering wheel let's kids "drive" the bus
  • Stop sign folds in or out just like a real school bus
  • Slide is 46 cm high with a gentle slope for safe landings
  • Maximum number of kids 2
  • Weight limit up to 20 kg per child

Product Size: 152cmx76cmx66cm

RO052 - Rollplay Planado



Harga Sewa:
Rp 180.000  (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp 110.000  (untuk sewa 2 minggu)

The Planado is a unique pedal-powered go-kart that introduces spin and drift actions to young children from the age of 2. 

This entry-level vehicle allows them to drift and turn at a safe speed. Its innovative features and cool red and white look make the Planedo a real eye-catcher.

Age 2-5, max weight 25 kgs

PZ052 - Perosotan Step2 Woodland Climber


Harga Sewa:
Rp 425.000  400.000 (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp 255.000  240.000 (untuk sewa 2 minggu)

This kids’ activity set is ideal for climbing adventures for your little explorer! Complete with two climbing walls, slide, platform, and steering wheels, this climber challenges gross and fine motor skills. 

The more kids play climbing and sliding, the more physical activity they’ll get! The best part? This durable climber set will outlast the toddler years and many hours of play.