Rental Mainan Anak dan Perlengkapan Bayi Solo dan Sekitarnya

Kami hadir di Kota Solo untuk menyewakan mainan berkualitas dan edukatif untuk buah hati anda serta perlengkapan bayi dengan biaya sewa terjangkau. Dengan bermain, anak-anak dapat belajar banyak hal, berlatih keterampilan, mengembangkan imajinasi dan kecerdasan. Mainan yang kami sewakan dapat memberikan stimulasi yang tepat dalam setiap tahap perkembangan buah hati anda. Kami akan selalu menambah koleksi mainan terbaik untuk buah hati anda.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

All aboard! This versatile train is also a teaching tool. Introduce baby to numbers, letters, colors, songs, stories, and more through two learning modes-walker mode and discovery mode.

Grow N Up 5in1 Activity Clubhouse

The 5-in-1 Activity Clubhouse offers 360-degree activity inside and out! It offers basketball, football, t-ball, soccer and golf with a 3-1/2-foot slide with wide, textured grip steps. It has seating benches both outside and inside the clubhouse. The basketball backboard and football goal post have adjustable height settings.

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

A place full of wonderful sights and sounds the Rainforest Jumperoo brings it all down to size for little explorers. Still tons of safe jumping fun (which will activate rainforest music and lights), but now there are toys all around the rainforest-and overhead-with a spinning seat that helps baby explore them all.

Little Tikes Cozy Truck

A kids truck with the durability of Little Tikes and the fun of our Cozy Coupe. This truck-styled riding toy is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers. The foot-to-floor format is easy to start, stop and steer. Use it indoors or out.

ME027 - ELC Whizz Race Around Garage


Harga Sewa:
Rp 85.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp 50.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp 35.000   (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

The Race Around Garage is ideal for inspiring early imaginative play. Little ones can push the cars around the garage whilst adding their own sound effects. Moving the cars around the garage and raising the lift will also strengthen little hands.

Toddlers will love pushing the cars around the garage, filling up the petrol, putting cars in the lift and raising it to the top level. The Race Around Garage is also great for encouraging toddlers to talk and learn new words.

With 3 sound effects and sounds triggered by the lift. Include 2 cars.

Minus: high volume



AC012 - Fisher Price Laugh n Learn Jumperoo


Harga Sewa:
Rp   180.000  160.000 (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp   110.000  100.000 (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp     70.000    60.000 (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

The Fisher-Price Laugh 'n Learn Jumperoo offers a delightful experience and encourages your baby to practice jumping and moving skills by rewarding them with sounds and music. With a freestanding base and a soft, rotating seat. The adjustable seat height allows your little one to continue to use the Jumperoo as he or she grows taller.

Your baby will jump, spin, and develop motor skills in the rotating and bouncing seat.
It includes a shape-sorting garden, farm-themed flip-book, rattle beads, and peek-a-boo horsey. There's so much for your child to discover and explore.

Minus: Ada lampu di lengkung merah kadang-kadang tidak nyala. Setting volume suara High sudah tidak berfungsi (suara musik tidak kencang)


PZ029 - Perosotan Activity Climber


Harga Sewa:
Rp 200.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp 120.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp   80.000   (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

This large plastic activity climber is loads of fun and is a MUST HAVE, as it comes with a slide and features a crawl through tunnel, little door, archway, exterior step-up and climbing walls. To add to the fun and variation in play, the slide can be turned over the reveal a climber on the other side.
Size 150 x 90 x 110 cm. The slide is 44 cm high x 68 cm long.

Suitable for children aged from 18 months with adult supervision, great for toddler learning to climb as this set is low to the ground and very stable.

BW021 - Playskool Rocktivity Walk n Roll Rider


Harga Sewa:
Rp 75.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp 45.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp 30.000   (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

We know that you want to help your baby to start walking and we believe that music can help you do that! With the WALK 'N ROLL RIDER toy, every step is rewarded with rockin' tunes that encourage baby to keep movin'! We've also built this walker to easily convert to a ride-on toy for scootin' fun. BEEP! BEEP! VROOM! VROOM! Baby coming through!

The WALK 'N ROLL RIDER toy from PLAYSKOOL not only gives your baby a rocked-out bike to ride, but it also helps your little one grow! With cool pop music, fun sounds, and engaging dashboard activities, this convertible walker-rider gives your baby that extra push to start walking and scooting!

Dashboard activities simulate authentic motorcycle sounds as baby twists the handlebar, presses the horn, and turns the key to make revving engine sounds.