Rental Mainan Anak dan Perlengkapan Bayi Solo dan Sekitarnya

Kami hadir di Kota Solo untuk menyewakan mainan berkualitas dan edukatif untuk buah hati anda serta perlengkapan bayi dengan biaya sewa terjangkau. Dengan bermain, anak-anak dapat belajar banyak hal, berlatih keterampilan, mengembangkan imajinasi dan kecerdasan. Mainan yang kami sewakan dapat memberikan stimulasi yang tepat dalam setiap tahap perkembangan buah hati anda. Kami akan selalu menambah koleksi mainan terbaik untuk buah hati anda.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

All aboard! This versatile train is also a teaching tool. Introduce baby to numbers, letters, colors, songs, stories, and more through two learning modes-walker mode and discovery mode.

Grow N Up 5in1 Activity Clubhouse

The 5-in-1 Activity Clubhouse offers 360-degree activity inside and out! It offers basketball, football, t-ball, soccer and golf with a 3-1/2-foot slide with wide, textured grip steps. It has seating benches both outside and inside the clubhouse. The basketball backboard and football goal post have adjustable height settings.

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

A place full of wonderful sights and sounds the Rainforest Jumperoo brings it all down to size for little explorers. Still tons of safe jumping fun (which will activate rainforest music and lights), but now there are toys all around the rainforest-and overhead-with a spinning seat that helps baby explore them all.

Little Tikes Cozy Truck

A kids truck with the durability of Little Tikes and the fun of our Cozy Coupe. This truck-styled riding toy is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers. The foot-to-floor format is easy to start, stop and steer. Use it indoors or out.

RO050 - Sepeda Rollplay BMW Trike


Harga Sewa:
Rp 125.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp   75.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp   50.000   (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

BMW Trike - The perfect alternative to the tricycle

With the Rollplay BMW Motor Trike, your child is always on the move and driving in style. The design of the Trike is based on the BMW 1200 GS motorcycle and a perfect toy for young motorcycle enthusiasts from 2 years and up to 22 kg. 
With the pedals attached to the front wheel, your child will have plenty of fun learning how to move around easily. Three rubber tyres guarantee a quiet and comfortable ride for the little ones whether at home, in the garden or in the park.
  • Three-wheel Design
  • Steady and stable standing
  • Easy-to-reach, non-slip pedals
  • Rubber tyres with tread
  • Ergonomic seat
  • Handlebar with rubber grip
  • For children from 2 years and up to 22 kg

PP032 - Rumah Barbie Villa


Harga Sewa:
Rp 225.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp 135.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp.  90.000   (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

Rumah barbie ukuran besar dari bahan kayu, ukuran (pxlxt) 84x55x85 cm. Sudah termasuk furniture rumah dan 1 boneka barbie. Terdapat roda di bagian bawah rumah-rumahan untuk memudahkan pemindahan

ME060 - Megabloks Thomas and Friends


Harga Sewa:
Rp 100.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp   60.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp.  40.000   (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

Build, count, and match

Open Thomas' wagon to reveal colorful blocks that you can decorate with numbers and pictures of some of the Island's friendliest engines.

  • Big, rolling Thomas with buildable sections
  • 20-piece set includes building blocks with number and character decoration

ME059 - VTech Toot Toot Drivers Fire Station


Harga Sewa:
Rp 120.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp   70.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp.  50.000   (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

The Toot-Toot Drivers Fire Station Deluxe includes lots of manipulative features including a flip-up vehicle launcher, extending ladder, rolling fire hydrant, turning fire hose and much more. 

Play set includes track pieces, big fire truck and a small SmartPoint fire engine vehicle that plays 3 sing-along songs and 6 fun melodies.

Language development, sensory development, motor skills, imaginative play


PZ049 - CAT Mega Sand Set Table


Harga Sewa:
Rp 150.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp   90.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp   60.000   (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

Set mainan pasir, terdiri dari mobil-mobilan dump truck, sekop, helm, cetakan pasir, koper penyimpanan, helm, meja bermain

Bonus: 1 kotak magic sand 400gr

PM012 - Fisher Price Baby Bandstand Playgym


Harga Sewa:
Rp 100.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp   60.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp   40.000   (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

  • Musical mat play grows with baby!
  • 1. Lay, Play & Listen! - Set the attached boom box speaker to long play mode to let baby lay and listen to 30 minutes of music while playing with hanging activity toys
  • 2. Tummy Time Rocks! In short play mode, the 3 instruments on the mat reward baby’s touch with fun sounds, encouraging baby to push up, reach & bat
  • 3. Sit & Jam! Remove the arches so that baby can sit up and put on a musical show. When baby hits the same instrument twice in a row, the song will grow!
  • Baby can kick or bat the mat for musical rewards
  • Listen up! Four linkable toys with fun sounds: maraca rattle, tambourine clacker, musical note teether & trumpet jingle
  • Boom box speaker with loop to link toys
  • Helps tune up fine & gross motor skills
  • Did you hear that? Music, sounds, colors & textures help stimulate baby’s developing senses

Age Grade

Birth +

BX007 - Box Cradle Baby Bassinet


Harga Sewa:
Rp 100.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp 180.000   (untuk sewa 8 minggu)
Rp 250.000   (untuk sewa 12 minggu)

  • Boks bassinet oval ukuran 60x80cm
  • Reccomended untuk bayi newborn-4 bulan
  • Dilengkapi dengan kelambu dan mainan gantung
  • Dilengkapi dengan keranjang penyimpanan bawah
  • Kaki dilengkapi roda
  • Bisa diayun-ayun manual

MS001 - Baby Banz Mini Earmuff Squiggle


Harga Sewa:
Rp   100.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp     60.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp     40.000   (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

  • Over-ear design
  • Provides hearing protection from loud noises
  • Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand for easy storage/carry
  • Soft head band and cushion cups ensure comfort for little ones
  • Recommended for ages 3 months - 2 years
  • Safety Tested for newborns 0-3 months - be sure cups fully and snugly cover child’s ears
Weight 142g (5 oz)
SNR 26dB NRR 31dB
Mean Attenuation @ 500Hz 25.7dB
Mean Attentuation @ 1000Hz 35.2dB
Dimensions 15.24 cm W 15.24cm H (at smallest) 17.8cm W 15.24 cm H (at max opening)

SC051 - Micro Trike Deluxe Gold


Harga Sewa:
Rp 180.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp 110.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp   70.000   (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

For ages 18 months+
• Foldable
• Lightweight
• Stable and safe
• Adjustable handlebar height
• Removable seat belt
• Compact storage
The Micro Trike Deluxe is the ultimate shopping companion. Lightweight and foldable, it is extremely compact, perfect for parents on the go.  Micro Trike is adaptable and can be simply hung on the shopping trolley or packed away in a rucksack. Not to mention the kids will also enjoy the fun of a ride through the shops of the city, it's a win win. 
• Age Range: 18 months +
• Max load: 20kg
• Weight: 1.9kg
• Wheel Size: 110mm
• Handlebar height: 50cm
• Push-Handle Height: 98cm (high)
• Push-Handle Height: 59cm (low)
• Seat Height: 38cm

BS013 - Highchair Evenflo Fava


Harga Sewa:
Rp 100.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp   60.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp   40.000   (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

  •     Easy folding mechanism
  • Compact and Self standing when folded, convenient for storage.
  • 3-position adjustable and removable front tray.
  • A detachable plastic serving tray convenient for baby’s snack time.
  • 3-position reclining backrest.
  • 6-position adjustment in height.
  • With ultra wide footrest for baby’s super comfort.
  • Removable and washable seat cushion.
  • 5-point harness system.

SC050 - Stroller Joie Pact Flex Signature


Harga Sewa:
Rp 225.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp 135.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp   90.000   (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

The Joie Pact Flex is suitable from birth thanks to the flat recline it includes an adjustable leg rest for comfort and UPF 50+ sun canopy that protects your little one. 
Specialised flex comfort ride cushions baby’s body with a spring suspension system offering a 30% smoother glide than other strolling rides. 
Includes features aplenty including fast one-hand fold experience. Packed with a flip up or down leg rest and handy extras for parents too.
  • Suitable from birth (up to 15kg) with flat reclining seat
  • 5-point harness
  • Front swivel wheels
  • Full-size, easy access shopping basket
  • Fabric covered bumper bar
  • Full-size hood with UPF50+ sun protection
  • Carry strap and custom carry bag are all inclusive and ready for travel
  • Ultra compact one-hand activated fold
  • Full-size, easy access shopping basket
  • Bold block quilting with a soft touch and special effect Sleek high gloss frame
  • Dimensions: Open Size: l 88cm x w 47.8cm x h 100.1cm. Folded Size: l 52.5 cm x w 26.5 cm x h 56.5cm. 

  • Weight : 6.6 kg

PZ047 - Pagar Playyard Parklon 10+2


Harga Sewa:
Rp 200.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp 120.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp   80.000   (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

Parklon Premium Fence 10+2
Pagar Parklon memberikan ketenangan pikiran pada orang tua saat melakukan pekerjaan rumah, karena Parklon menyediakan area bermain yang menyenangkan dan aman untuk bayi tanpa harus mengawasi setiap saat.

Untuk bayi umur 6 - 24 bulan

- Bebas dari logam tajam berbahaya
- Lolos Standard keamanan AS dan Eropa
- Bebas kandungan BPA
- Pagar dapat dibentuk dalam berbagai bentuk
- Mudah dirakit dan kokoh
- Mudah dibersihkan dengan cara di lap
- Menjaga mainan bayi tetap teratur di satu tempat

- Panel (1pc): 40cm (L) x 70cm (H)
- Panel Pintu / Panel Mainan: 80cm (L) x 70cm (H)
- Ukuran Dirakit: 160cm (P) x 120cm (L) x 70cm (T)
- Panel (10 pcs)
- Panel Mainan (1pc)
- Panel Pintu (1pc)

RO049 - Mobil Pedal Ferrari Gokart


Harga Sewa:
Rp 150.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp   90.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp   60.000   (untuk sewa 1 minggu)
Go Kart tanpa mesin, dilengkapi pedal seperti sepeda dikayuh manual. Terdiri dari 4 roda sehingga lebih stabil memudahkan anak untuk belajar menggowes / mengayuh pedal, menyalurkan energi si kecil yang aktif dan mengembangkan motorik anak.

  • Mainan ride on go kart tanpa mesin
  • Pedal digowes seperti sepeda untuk menjalankan go kart
  • 4 Roda karet
  • Pelek, kursi, body dan setir terbuat dari plastik
  • Tiang penyangga roda terbuat dari besi
  • Setir bisa mengontrol roda depan untuk berbelok

Dimensi Produk: 85 x 49.8 x 49.5 cm
Anak Usia: 3 – 6 Tahun (Maks 25kg)

Saran penggunaan:
Awasi anak-anak saat bermain, pastikan anak bermain di lingkungan yang aman tidak dilalui kendaraan

RO048 - London Taxi Balance Bike


Harga Sewa:
Rp 125.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp   75.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp   50.000   (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

London Taxi kick bike, sepeda untuk anak umur 2 - 5 tahun. Balancing bike berguna untuk melatih keseimbangan anak dalam belajar bersepeda, melatih motorik kasar serta melatih kepercayaan diri si kecil.

SB026 - Nuna Leaf Curv


Harga Sewa:
Rp 200.000 (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp 120.000 (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp   80.000 (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

Nuna Leaf Curv adalah kursi anak yang dilengkapi dengan alas duduk yang terbuat dari bahan katun organik, Nuna Leaf Curve mampu menahan berat dari bayi baru lahir hingga maksimal 60kg. 

Dapat dioprasikan dengan cara memberikan dorongan lembut dan dapat mengayun selama lebih dari 2 menit.

Tidak memerlukan batrei, tanpa kabel serta tidak bersuara.

Terdapat perbedaan di antara nuna leaf dan nuna curve yaitu pada bentuk bagian kaki yang membulat dan terdapat 2 lapis seat pad pada nuna curve. 

AC023 - Baby Einstein Lights n Sea Activity Saucer


Harga Sewa:
Rp 200.000  180.000 (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp 120.000  110.000 (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp   80.000    70.000 (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

Give your little explorer an interactive, underwater world to discover right in your living room. The Baby Einstein Lights & Sea Activity Saucer mesmerize your baby with a multi-colored light show, captivate with classical music, and introduce vocabulary in multiple languages. 

The sea turtle's tummy cradles and connects to your smart phone, magically transforming the baby-safe mirror into a window of enchanting content like Baby Einstein videos. 

The activity center features a sea of ocean-themed toys, a clamshell toy, spinning crab and a fish bead spinner. With engaging activities surrounding your baby and a 360 degree rotating seat, this activity saucer is always the best seat in the house.

Minus: modified whale popper spin toy

BW032 - Little Tikes Light n Go Activity Walker


Harga Sewa:
Rp 100.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp   60.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp   40.000   (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

Light the way to active play with the Light ‘n Go series of toys, designed to use light to inspire your baby to get moving. 

The 3-in-1 Activity Walker is a walker, standing activity table, and sit & play activity center all in one. The walker's projected lights encourage your baby to take their first steps as they grow with this interactive toy. 

Featuring 70+ activities, songs, and sounds, the 3-in-1 Walker and Activity Table provides hours of fun for years to come.


PM011 - Parklon PE Roll Playmat


Harga Sewa:
Rp   85.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp   50.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp   35.000   (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

Parklon PE Roll Playmat adalah karpet mainan anak yang mempunyai 4 ujung sisi yang tidak tajam.

Terbuat dari bahan PE (polyethylene) yang ramah lingkungan dan aman. Playmat ini waterproof, empuk, dan nyaman digunakan, 

Mempunyai 2 sisi bolak balik, dengan 2 motif menarik

Spesifikasi :
  • Material Produk : round corner, eco friendly, non toxic & Non Phthalate Soft PE (Polyethylene). With SGS safety certification and BPA-free
  • Ukuran Playmat : 200 x 150 x 1,5cm                                              

PZ046 - Fun Park Slide Playhouse


Harga Sewa:
Rp  375.000  350.000 (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp  225.000  210.000 (untuk sewa 2 minggu)

  • Table & fun slide to promote active play.
  • Picnic table is perfect for snack time & play house for imaginative play.
  • House with a working door, table & two stools is suitable for indoor & outdoor activities
  • Minus basket ring
Recommended Age : 1-5 Years

Max weight on slide: 18 Kg
Size : 170(L) x 154(W) x 119(H) cm