PZ038 - Panda 4in1 Slide Swing


Harga Sewa:
Rp 300.000   (untuk sewa 4 minggu)
Rp 180.000   (untuk sewa 2 minggu)
Rp 120.000   (untuk sewa 1 minggu)

Labeille Panda 4in1 Slide & Swing Grow Activity comes with a special design, durable & sturdy plastic material, cute Panda, anti slip ladder, wider and bumpy slide for safer glide. Swing set with strong rope, sensation of swing became more exciting.

This Sliding and swing set complete with sports facilities create more enjoyable play time. The set equipped with basketball ring, adjustable height baskets, soccer net & multifunction table. Included 1 ball.

A wide swing seat also comes with safety T-bar for younger kid and can be remove for older kid use.

Great swing slides gym completes with the sports arena ideal for group playtime.

  • 4x non slip steps.
  • 135.5 centimeter wavy slide.
  • Basketball ring, adjustable pole basketball & goal keeper.
  • Multifunction Table
  • Swing ropes with swing hooks.
  • Swing seat with removable safety T-bar.
  • Include a ball.

Product Dimensions: L176 x D220 x H123 cm
Kids age: 1,5 years and up, max weight 20kgs


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